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Awesome Art Deco Vintage Geometric Pattern Baby Blue, Lavender And Golden Yellow EAM (Early Elgin American Manufacturing) Enameled Wrist Chain Vanity Compact / Dance Purse ~ Very good to excellent condition; chain excellent; no dings or dents; has some enamel loss which is easily seen in photos; held loose face powder; now empty; no puffs; measures 2-5/8" (7-1/2" including chain) x 2-1/4" x 3/8". Sold

Early 1920s Vintage Melba Dance Purse Compact With Lavender Enamel Accents, Wrist Chain and Tassel In Original Box ~ Very good to excellent condition; has some ever so light wear to goldtone finish; no dings or dents; framed mirror excellent; contains adorable rare used round puff that has pink silk on top; compact measures 2-1/8" (10-1/8 including wrist chain and tassel) x 1-1/2" x 1/2"; box measures 3-1/4" x 2-1/8" x 11/16". Sold
Hand Painted Roses; good condition; no loss or damage to guilloche or cold black enamel; held loose face powder and rouge; now empty; no puffs; mirror and chain excellent; has few indentations around the outside edge and a shallow indentation on bottom (easily seen in photos); measures 2-1/8" (7-1/2" including chain) x 2" x 1/2". Sold
Early 1930s Vintage EAM (Elgin American) Sterling Silver Scenic Guilloche Enamel Dance Purse Compact With Wrist Chain ~ Excellent condition; signed sterling on bottom; no dings or dents; guilloche enamel is excellent and coloring is vivid and vibrant; white is super white, not dull or dark; baby blue is beautiful; scene and roses also bright and vibrant; mirror has some cloudiness but can easily be replaced; missing metal lipstick tube; held pressed rouge and loose face powder, now empty; no puffs; measures 2-5/8" (7-3/4 including link bar wrist chain) x 2-1/2" x 1/2". Sold
dfb1.jpg (36774 bytes) Beautiful Vintage Art Deco DFB Carryall Vanity Compact~ Excellent condition; contained face powder, rouge powder and lipstick (empty); missing chain. Sold
eam_pink01.jpg (50666 bytes) Awesome Art Deco Vintage Geometric Pattern Pink, Black & Yellow EAM (Early Elgin American) Enamelled Wrist Chain Vanity Compact / Dance Purse ~ Very good to excellent condition; extremely neat and clean; signed; mirror excellent; a few tiny paint flakes at the edges; largest one is 1/16" x 1/16" and others are only noticeable upon close inspection; contains original deco powder puff; measures 2-1/2" (7-1/2" including chain) x 2-1/8" x 3/8". Sold
	(61658 bytes) Fabulous Vintage Dance Purse Vanity Compact With Cloisonne Enameled Lid Medallion ~ Has a beautiful and unusual pattern on white metal lid;  excellent condition; held face powder and rouge; no wrist chain; no puffs; no mirror. Sold
country03.jpg (155778 bytes) Absolutely Exquisite Vintage Scenic Vanity Carryall Compact / Dance Purse With Wrist Chain ~ Excellent condition; nice patina which I didn't polish; contains original powder puff, rouge puff and metal lipstick tube; nice start pattern on link bars; mirror has spotting (easily seen in photos); measures 2-7/8" (6-3/4" including chain) x 2-1/4" x 7/16". Sold

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