Vintage Hair Net (Hairnet)
In Original Envelope~8 (79752 bytes)
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Extremely Rare Vintage The Cozette Handmade Human Hair Net In Envelope~ Comes in Black Envelope which is not pictured; excellent condition with wonderful graphics; old store stock; measures a small 3-5/8" x 2-1/4" and is simply divine!

8hne192 (52185 bytes)

Vintage Perl Nylon Hair Net In Envelope~

8hne191 (57316 bytes)

Vintage Solo Human Hair Net In Envelope~

8hne190 (59376 bytes)

Vintage Quaker Maid Handmade Real Human Hair Net In Envelope~

8hne189 (44972 bytes)

Vintage Quaker Maid Nylon Hair Net In Envelope

8hne188 (66467 bytes)

Vintage Protectanet Hair Net With Elastic In Envelope~


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