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Extremely Rare Vintage As The Petals Travel Set By Lazell~ All in very good to excellent condition; contains face powder tin, talcum powder tin, soap, metal tube, and empty perfume bottle. Not original to set, but how I purchased.

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Rare Vintage Wemdon Lavender Talcum Powder, Face Powder, Perfume & Sachet Presentation Set~ All in excellent, unused condition. Outer box has some light wear. $145.00

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Vintage Helena Rubinstein Graphic Box With Cherubs~ Good condition; empty; originally held a Christmas gift cosmetic or perfume and powder ensemble; has some wear which is easily seen in photos; 3 lid corners are split; measures 9" x 7-1/2" x 2-3/8".


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Rare Vintage Art Deco 'Nymph' Presentation Set In Original Box~ Very good to excellent condition; coloring is vibrant and gorgeous, as is the nude featured on the labels; contains both original perfume bottles, and unopened face powder box.

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Vintage Laverne Talcum Powder, Body Powder & Mini Perfume Bottle~ All in very good condition. Outer box is damaged, as seen in photos.


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Fabulous Graphics! Vintage Richard Hudnut Three Flowers Presentation Set With Original Gold Tone Vanity Compact and Full Size Clear Glass Labeled Perfume Bottle~ *$225.00
potter_moore_mitcham1.jpg (94124 bytes) Vintage Potter & Moore's Mitcham Lavender Bath Powder, Complexion Soap and Perfume Presentation Gift Set~ All in excellent unused condition. Sold

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